Previous Speakers


Speech Title: Developments and Challenges for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Fly beyond the Visual Range of Sight for Commercial applications

Prof. Ian Robert McAndrew

Doctoral Programs at Capitol Technology University, Maryland, USA


Speech Title: Deep learning and Polyphonic sound event detection

Prof. Ruili Wang

Massey University, New Zealand


Speech Title: Power Optimizating of Alkali Metal Thermo Electric Convertor(AMTEC)

Prof. M. A. K. Lodhi

Department of Physics, Texas Tech University, USA


Speech Title:Perovskite Electronics with Light-Responsive Mixed-Dimensional Heterostructures 

Prof. Tom Wu

School of Materials Science and Engineering, UNSW, Australia


Speech Title: Fundamentals and development trends of wireless power transfer technologies 

Prof. Aiguo Patrick Hu

Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Auckland, New Zealand